Finding Peace After a Breakup, Divorce, or Death

This remarkable book discusses the emotions that occur when a relationship leaves you brokenhearted, a marriage ends in divorce, or a loved one dies. It will also foster awareness and compassion, providing you with the courage to face many other types of losses and challenges, such as saying good-bye to a beloved pet, losing your job, coming to terms with a life-threatening illness or disease, and much more.

3 Takeaways

Three Takeaways

Watch as Louise Hay and David Kessler share major takeaways and affirmations to help you through the hurt of a loss.

Healing with Mirror Work

Healing With Mirror Work

Learn how healing the relationship with yourself by using mirror work can help you create new and better relationships with others. Experience a special moment with Louise as she walks you through the importance of mirror work.

Healing What Hasn't Happened

Healing What Hasn't Happened

Explore grief of an unfulfilled dream using Mirror Work, affirmations and identifying old thought patterns.

Accepting New Life After Illness

Accepting New Life After Illness

One of the losses that often goes unspoken is healing work that is needed after an illness. We have to grieve the parts of our lives that were affected by an illness and the new life we are living because of it.

Healing After Pet Loss

Healing From Pet Loss

We love our pets; they're part of our family. You may not feel comfortable talking to others about your grief from a pet loss, but the grief is real because the love is real. Learn how to process your grief from losing a pet with tips and affirmations from Louise Hay and David Kessler.

Remembering with Love

Remembering With Love

How long will grief last? How long will the pain after a relationship last? It's very different depending on the type of loss that you are dealing with. Join Louise Hay and David Kessler in exploring how to grieve through the pain so you can remember the loss with love.

Moving on From Grief

Moving on From Grief

Explore ways to move past grief in relationships and develop new patterns in You Can Heal Your Heart by Louise Hay and David Kessler.

Healing After Divorce

Healing After Divorce

Find peace after a divorce with David Kessler and affirmations by Louise Hay from their book, You Can Heal Your Heart.